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The face of the Mondaine Classic Swiss Railways (SBB) watch has been a mainstay of minimalist, Bauhaus design for 70 years. It was in 1944 that Hans Hilfiker, a Swiss engineer, designer, and employee of the Federal Swiss Railways, created a clock for the railway platforms. Known as the “Official Swiss Railways Clock,” the design features an iconic red paddle-shaped second hand – inspired by the paddles that were used to signal the arrival and departure of the Swiss trains – and an easy-to-read black and white face. This signature design has been responsible for the legendary punctuality of the Swiss rail network for seven decades.

The Mondaine watch company, which was founded by Erwin Bernheim in 1951 and is still owned and operated by the Bernheim family today, found inspiration in the blueprint of the iconic, patented design of the Railways Clock and turned it into a watch collection officially licensed by the Federal Swiss Railways. Mondaine Official Swiss Railways watches are the famous clock in miniature form, created with Mondaine’s legacy of Swiss manufacturing, uncompromising authenticity and straightforward aesthetic.

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Introducing Helvetica

Nearly 30 years after releasing its world-famous Swiss Railways SBB watch, Mondaine launched its Helvetica family No. 1 collection of watches, whose inspiration goes back to 1957.  The collection is inspired by the Helvetica, perhaps the most popular and widespread font ever created. Helvetica can be found in thousands of logos, on labels, T-shirts, street signs, office communications, concert programs and more. The font has also been the subject of several books and even a documentary. In short, Helvetica is one of Switzerland's most important and representative creations.

Helvetica is the Latin word for "Swiss." As such, it expresses many of the Alpine Republic's values and qualities: neutrality, discreetness, efficiency and timeliness. The values align perfectly with the Mondaine brand. Because Helvetica does not draw attention to itself, it is the perfect vehicle for conveying information, be that the name of a subway station in New York or the name and values of a brand. No wonder typographers worldwide immediately fell in love with the font.

A favorite of architects, designers, artists, innovators and influencers around the globe for its timeless appeal and pure, unfettered approach to design, Mondaine timepieces represent the epitome of craftsmanship, punctuality, precision and uncomplicated, concise design.

Visit our international website at www.mondaine.com or learn more about Mondaine Helvetica at www.mondaine-helvetica.com.

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