The Mondaine Gottardo2016 Collection celebrates the opening of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel, officially the longest tunnel in the world, with the Gottardo stop2go and Mondaine SBB Nord Sud (North South) timepieces. In homage to 'The Old Lady' locomotive, the Gottardo stop2go features a bezel crafted in the material used in the driver's cab door and otherwise left untouched, making each piece unique. The second facet of the collection, the Mondaine SBB Nord Sud, highlights the union of the two compass opposites thanks to the innovation of the tunnel. At the far north of the tunnel is the Kanton Uri, represented on the timepiece through the traditional Swiss German welcome 'Grieäzi', embossed above the 12 o'clock mark. Below the 6 o'clock, embossed on the black leather strap are the local Italian words for good day, 'Buon di', an indication of the tunnel's journey to the Kanton Ticino in the south. All timepieces come with a beautiful, special-design gift box.

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