Spring into Summer with Mondaine!

It’s a hot summer day. You’re running around your home in a frenzy, scrambling to get everything ready while you make a final attempt to be out the door in time to make it to work. Today, your trustworthy alarm clock didn’t go off on time and you overslept. You remember that you have that big board meeting to attend today and now, the panic starts to set in as you’re realizing that you might be late to the office. AGAIN. You’re scouring the kitchen looking for your bag, keys, and beloved coffee mug. You feel the time slipping out of your hands so you frantically, glance at your watch to check the time, only to realize that you’re NOT wearing one! As the old saying goes, time is precious so do not let another second go by without wearing a reliable, but also stylish timepiece to get you organized and going throughout your day. Before you know it, summer will be long over, so don’t waste another hot minute and check out Mondaine’s  summer color options to keep your time and style on point this season!


Take this summer by storm with Mondaine’s chic and sophisticated summer styles. From the SBB Classic collection, Mondaine has introduced the original model with a bit of flare. Famously known for the Swiss Railway clock’s legendary face and bold hands, this one-of-a-kind timepiece is now available with a simple yet elegant canvas strap complimented by a delicate leather lining.


With its intricate stitching and unique neutral shade, this minimalist favorite is sure to look stunning on any summer glow! The SBB Classic Canvas collection is available in two sizes, and the unadorned watch case comes in a brushed stainless steel or black IP option.This Classic model will be a lovely summer accessory that will keep you looking sharp and put together throughout your busy day. 


And if that doesn’t appeal to your fashion senses, then perhaps you should browse through the SBB Simply Elegant Summer Collection. For those who like their timepieces in a lighter look and feel, this collection might be just what you’re looking for! The SBB Simply Elegant collection presents styles that are ideal for powering through a long day at the office or hitting a fabulous night out on the town.

With a thin, yet extremely durable stainless steel and scratch resistant sapphire crystal case, the SBB Simply Elegant summer watch straps are design with a soft and luxurious nubuk leather that feels super comfortable during those hot summer days. 

The SBB Simply Elegant case is specially designed with lugs that allow the watch to fit perfectly on any size wrist, so the watch sits comfortably all day long with no fuss. With a suede-like look and feel, the nubuk leather straps are manufactured from a unique aniline leather that has been carefully sanded to develop a short nap.                                

The nubuk leather comes in two alluring summer shades that will perfectly compliment your colorful summer wardrobe. The straps can be purchased in a light beige or brilliant blue, two shades that perfectly mimic the hues of beach sand and water. So whether you’re rushing to the office or are just looking to dress up your wardrobe, the SBB Simply Elegant summer collection will definitely have something that will make you not only look but also feel great during the summer. 

 Click on the links to view all of the SBB Classic and SBB Simply Elegant styles.

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