The Evolution of Time Has Arrived, Again!

            Impeccable design, ultimate comfort, and superior functionality. These are just the few of many things that come to mind when interacting with Mondaine’s world class products. Originally known for the SBB Classic watch collection, Mondaine took an already remarkable timepiece and proved its genius once again by refining its simple and sleek design to create an (evo)lutionized collection, the Mondaine SBB Evo series.

        While mirroring the Classic collection, the Evo series preserved the classic white face and the large red second hand with bold markings while introducing slight design alterations to present a product collection that was seen as appealing and functional to the newer generations. With an easy-to-read large date display and all around well-balanced proportions, the design of the Mondaine Evo series was a hit with consumers, so it was only a matter of time that the demand and popularity for the series soared exponentially.

            While the Evo series experienced high demand and success for the brand, you can already expect that the innovative minds at Mondaine would not stop there. With an unquenchable thirst for continuous improvement, Mondaine took its first-class craftsmanship a step further and introduced the series in a newer light, launching the new Mondaine SBB Evo2 collection. In order to appeal to consumer’s desired taste for contemporary life and style, Mondaine subtly refined the Evo series collection to create timepieces that reflected the high standards of technical and aesthetic quality.


             When it comes to spotting the difference between the original Evo and the Evo2, to the naked eye it can be tricky at first to distinguish the two models but once you pay a closer look and attention to their intricate detail, the subtle changes can make a noticeable difference in the way the watch is seen, used, and worn.  Let’s start with the refined case lugs and crown, whose designs were modified to constitute an even more functional and visually appealing timepiece. To make the watch more proportioned and fitted to the arm, the lugs were made smaller while the crown was enlarged. The larger crown also grants easier access when adjusting the time and/or date as desired.



Next comes the watch case itself. Ergonomically designed and reshaped to construct a slightly rounded caseback, the new shape inevitably provides a more comfortable and snug fit on the wrist. This transition is nearly impossible to recognize just by looking at the watch. But once worn, the difference undoubtedly lies in the way the watch comfortably rests and feels on your arm.    

            In addition to all of these sophisticated changes, the SBB Evo2 Collection has another impressive feature that most people would not be able to pin point right away. While the Evo original series incorporated mineral crystal into all of its models, the Evo2 series opted for sapphire crystal, a popular timepiece material famous for its superb reflective properties, clarity, strength, and most importantly long-term scratch resistance. Mondaine committed to using only high-quality sapphire crystal in all of the Evo2 watches to ensure its customers receive watches that will be extremely durable and scratch resistant for many years to come.

            But wait! It doesn’t end there! As you may already know that at Mondaine, quality is key. It is a crucial ingredient that is paired with high attention to detail at every step of the watch-making process. So, it should come as no surprise that all of the Evo2’s are water resistant and made from superior stainless steel, notable for its excellent formability and overall toughness. Besides ensuring high-quality, the brand offers a wide selection of textures, sizes, and styles to choose from. The watches come with either a black or red strap, which are made from high-grade calf skin leather straps that are form-fitting, stylish, comfortable, and not to mention extremely easy to clean! The straps are also available in a stainless steel mesh material. Coupled with the new rounded shape, the Evo2’s cases are available in a stainless steel or a stainless steel with black ion plating option. Although there have been several aesthetic changes to the Evo2, the watch will inevitably still be recognized by its signature all-white dial with the iconic red second hand that continues to remain true to the original SBB Classic design.

To view the SBB Evo2 series in all of its glory, watch the video below to get a sneak peek at the breathtaking new and improved design features. Or click the link here to view the entire collection.



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