Happy Swiss National Day!

From the Mondaine family, we'd like to wish you Happy Swiss National Day!
Celebrated annually since 1944, August 1st has been used to commemorate the foundation of Swiss Confederacy. Held very highly by the Swiss people, this day recognizes an important mark in Switzerland's history. It represents that day the Swiss confederacy was built on a historic alliance which was formed in 1291 by the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. This historical alliance would later be known as the focal point around which the country of Switzerland was built on. The Swiss celebrate and rejoice this day with paper lanterns, gathering around a fire, participating in parades, hanging strings of the iconic red Swiss flag, shooting fireworks, and taking part in competitive rifle shooting matches. 
Because we love Switzerland so much (and it's not only because they produce the most delicious chocolate on this planet), we've decided to dedicate this post to the TOP TEN PLACES TO VISIT IN SWITZERLAND. Known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, we scoured the internet to find the top ten places you must stop and see if you ever find yourself visiting the beautiful country.

1. The Matterhorn

Known for being the highest mountain on the Alps, the Matterhorn stands tall at 4,478 meters, welcoming thousands of visitors and climbers every summer. At the foot of this natural beauty rests the tiny village of Zermatt, which is well-known for its unique small town charm, peaceful ambiance, and it has one of the purest air qualities around. 

2. Jungfraujoch: The Top of Europe

One of the greatest experiences in Switzerland is taking a train ride to Jungfraujoch, otherwise known as "Top of Europe". It is home to the longest glacier in Europe and it offers several beautiful trails, scenic walks, and even a gondola ride over the Lauterbrunnen Valley. 

3. Lucerne

A top spot for tourists, Lucerne is a gorgeous town that encompasses a crystal blue lake surrounded by mountains, old historic bridges and buildings, waterfront promenades, and stunning sun-covered plazas complimented by bubbling fountains. The town is also famous for the Culture and Convention Center, which is home to one of the world's top concert halls.

4. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is Europe's largest Alpine lake surrounded by promenades, lakes, parks, and sprawling gardens. The city of Geneva rests perfectly in between snow-covered peaks and it is located at the point where the Rhone meets Lake Geneva. Top cultural attractions are the Grand Theatre, which is known for hosting international stage acts, and the Opera House.

5. Interlaken

A popular summer holiday resort, people flock to this area to take advantage of excellent outdoor adventure opportunities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, and abseiling. For those looking for a more relaxed sty, the main boulevard, Hoheweg, offers incredible mountain views and its accompanied by hotels, cafes, and flower gardens. 

6. Zurich

Switzerland's largest city is a must stop for all travelers. Zurich is usually a starting point for travelers visiting the country, and its also a good place to begin a walking tour of the city. Although it does have its fair share of cafes, galleries, and quaint shops, the city also offers a more extensive list of shopping options along the mile-long Bahnhofstrasse, which is one of Europe's most famous shopping avenues. 

7. Bern

The Swiss capital of Bern is a famous for its old world charm and historical landmarks and sites. Here, you can stroll the cobbled streets and explore the tallest cathedral in Switzerland, 16th century fountains, the medieval clock tower called the "Zytglogge" and shopping arcades known locally as "Lauben". 

8. Swiss National Park

For those nature lovers out there, this is the spot for you! The Swiss National Park is the oldest park reserve in the Alps. The park covers over 170 sq kilometers, and its overwhelmed with forests, shrubs, rivers, and flower-dotted hollows. There are plenty of nature trails to choose from, and the wildlife here so diverse so don't be surprised if you catch yourself eye to eye with an ibex, chamois, red deer, or wild fox. 

9. St. Mortiz

One of the world's top mountain destinations, St Mortiz has become a famed tourist spot thanks to its chic resort town, historic hotels, and high-end dining. It even hosted two winter Olympics! Here, you can find an array of winter sports, everything from skiing, to snowboarding, to skating, to bobsledding. St Moritz has also become known for its diverse mix of culture and languages. Passing through St Mortiz, you will encounter several cultural crossroads with people speaking Italian, French, German, and English. 

10. The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls are the largest water falls in Central Europe, standing tall at a height of over 150 meters. The best time to visit the falls is in the summertime when the snow melts and the water rises in volume. Boat trips are offered up to the Rhine so you have the chance to catch some sweeping views of the falls and the scenic landscape resting on both sides of the river. 


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