Be Smart When Choosing A Smart Watch

Smart watches have been the hottest watch trend for the past few years, from watches advocating as sleep and fitness trackers, music players, or gps trackers, tech consumers have and still are going nuts over multi-functinal timepieces. At Mondaine, we are certified experts at perfecting the clean, minimalist look while preserving the quality of a fine timepiece. This time, Mondaine has taken its Helvetica bold model and turned it into a gorgeous, elegant smart watch. With the holidays being just around the corner, we need to start efficiently, and intelligently, planning the gifts we'll be giving to our loved ones this season. And we can assure you, that a smart watch will undoubtedly be received as the hottest gift of the season.

Perfect for our avid sport enthusiasts or health nuts, the Helvetica Smart Watch is powered by a latest smart technology, which tracks and monitors sleep cycles and daily physical activity through an app called MotionX. This app is installed in each Helvetica Smart Watch, and it tracks and monitors sleep, has a sleep cycle alarm, get-active alerts, adaptive coaching and automatic time alignment. All of this information can be stored  and backed up in the MotionX® cloud. 

In addition to the sleep tracker, there is also an Activity Tracker , which allows you "to track the number of daily steps, calories burned, and total distance." The app is very versatile, in that you can adjust the settings to your own personal fitness preferences. To set a personal fitness goal, all you have to do is "select a pre-set step goal for light, moderate or intense activity, or set a custom step goal for your day." 

The watch holds a battery with a guaranteed 2 year life-span, and the MotionTM App can be dowloaded on a Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and newer. Below are all of the Helvetica Smart Watch designs, available for purchase when you click on link below. 


                                      Retail $950.                              Retail $920. 

                                  Retail $1,000.                            Retail $1,000. 

View all of our Smart Watches by clicking on the link below. 

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